Love at First Bite!

E05B31FB-52BF-4C92-A52B-152CD9E3138EPrior to discovering Dr. Harvey’s base mixes, creating balanced homemade meals for our five dogs seemed impossible. As a veterinarian, I have treated several patients for vitamin deficiencies and vitamin toxocosis from being fed unbalanced homemade meals, and as a pet owner,  I never felt confident that I would use the right mix of ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of our five dogs. This is where Dr. Harvey’s base mixes come in. They take the guesswork out of creating nutritious, wholesome meals, and all I have to do is add hot water, high-quality protein, and oils. I choose to use grass-fed, pasture-raised protein, not only because it is more humane that factory farming, but also because the meat is more nutritious.f7fb079b-f977-4a34-b353-ed0e062bc7acAfter reaching out to Dr. Harvey’s to share how Paradigm drastically enhanced my oldest dog’s quality of life, they have been kind enough to send me products from their
other lines of food for my opinion and feedback.  I’ve already written two posts (Why I Chose Dr. Harvey’s for My Own Dogs and This Veterinarian Thought She Was Feeding a High-Quality Diet) on how Paradigm has done wonders for my dogs’ mental and physical health, and Dr. Harvey’s and I now share a common goal – to spread the word so others can experience the incredible positive effects on their dogs’ lives.7A10067B-5521-4873-B4AA-9509F12F5C17Their latest product, Raw Vibrance, is a huge hit in our home, and all five dogs love it! Dr. Harvey’s has, once again, outdone itself with another exceptional base mix. I have since been rotating between Paradigm and Raw Vibrance regularly for four months now. Paradigm has already proved such incredible results, and those benefits continue after adding Raw Vibrance to the rotation. To those of you that have not read my previous posts about Muttley and Paradigm, I saw incredible improvements in his mental health after only two days of incorporating Paradigm into his diet!CBCC6AC6-BB53-4B71-A261-7014332D341AI can assuredly say that I have also seen witnessed benefits with Raw Vibrance, and it may even be more beneficial to rotate between the two base mixes, as the ingredients do differ. However, in the case of cancer, I would solely recommend Paradigm due to its low glycemic carbohydrates.img_1119In addition to Raw Vibrance and Paradigm, I have also incorporated Dr. Harvey’s Solaris into their meals. I personally take mushroom supplements for their vast array of powerful medicinal properties, and not surprisingly, Dr. Harvey’s Solaris mushroom and healing herbs blend is superior to the mushroom supplement I take. My husband always comments on how our dogs eat healthier than us, and now, with the Solaris mushroom supplement, he’s correct!


After contacting Dr. Harvey’s to share the physical and mental health benefits that I witnessed after switching my dogs’ diets to Paradigm, they have since given me free products from their other lines of food, supplements, treats, and grooming essentials for my honest feedback.

All opinions expressed about Dr. Harvey’s in this and any other article I post may not represent the thoughts or opinions of Dr. Harvey’s or its staff. Dr. Harvey’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

This post is intended to share my personal experiences with Dr. Harvey’s products, but in no way is intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Yes, I am a veterinarian, but I am not your pets’ veterinarian. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this blog.

  1. Yes! I can attest to the power of Paradigm!! It brings so much joy to meal time! One year after my 11 year old Golden was Dx with cancer and given 3 months to live-he’s thriving, and his vet is dumbfounded!

    1. Hi Odzihozo,
      Jeslyn sent me a message not knowing how to reply to you personally. I told her I would forward her reply.

      Osteosarcoma. He is only on Paradigm and Solaris. And he is loving life!

  2. My older dog was diagnosed with cancer (insulinoma) at the end of 2018. I immediately started looking for the best low carbohydrate diet for dogs with cancer, and Dr Harvey’s Paradigm came up. I ordered a trial size and she loved it! So, I ordered a bag, and she is doing surprisingly well. Solaris was also recommended, so she is also getting that as well. My younger, healthy dog is now on Raw Vibrance. When I read the ingredient list I was so impressed that I ordered a trail size. He loves it!, and I’m ordering a bag of that for him. I hope to keep him very healthy for a very long time and give our older dog a much longer time with us.

    1. That’s wonderful news!!! I agree—the ingredient list for Raw Vibrance is impressive! Also, I’m always so happy when I hear of people doing their research and coming to the conclusion of Dr. Harvey’s! Thank you for sharing. 💕

  3. I use Paradigm for my girl with osteosarcoma. She eats it right up with her protein on top along with her supplements and I know this has helped her. We are 7 months post diagnosis. This is great food!!!!

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