Rainbow Bridge

6B82DD83-2DBD-47B0-854B-E12B3CB240CFElroy, my sweet, sweet 14-year-old puppy has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. He had a splenic mass that ruptured, which came as a complete shock to us. We have honored Elroy’s memory by giving another shelter dog, as he once was, a loving and safe home with us, as this was how Elroy was brought into our lives fourteen years ago. An ounce of peace I can grasp is looking into our new shelter pup’s eyes and seeing Elroy stare back at me. Elroy is still and will always be with me.


  1. Oh Honey! I wish I was there to give you a hug! I know you are in much pain; times like this really test our faith about what is real!

    I know Elroy‘s life must’ve been the best life it could’ve possibly been because he was with you!

    If it’s any consolation… You might think about the fact that he’s with your mom and now both of them are hugging and kissing you as much as they can! So any strange feelings you feel …. I think you can be sure it’s one of them 😘😘😘

    I think of you so very, very often and wish we were closer. I hope we do stay in touch even if it’s every now and again.

    I’m sending you hugs and love… Send me pictures of the new puppy 🐶 ❤️😘

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  2. Oh! I am sorry to hear that, so precious. 14 years is a goodly life span though, seems to be just that for our beautiful dogs too. He looks contented in the photo, my guess is he has a very friendly nature?

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