Rosie’s Heartworm Positive Tale

Rosie, one of our most recent rescues, tested positive for heartworms shortly after we adopted her.  The results were not too much of a shock considering she lived at an outdoor shelter for over nine months, and the shelter even warned us that there was a strong possibility Rosie was heartworm positive.

I followed the recommendation of the American Heartworm Society (The BEST source I can provide you for everything/anything you want/need to know about heartworms), and chose the “fast-kill” treatment. Unfortunately for Rosie, this treatment included painful injections, antibiotics, steroids, pain medications and a strict exercise restriction. In addition to the conventional heartworm treatment, I included several holistic ones, too.

(Shown above: Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm, Nellie’s Free Range Eggs, organic and pasture-raised chicken thighs, and supplements listed below.)

And most importantly, I provided Rosie, and will continue to provide her with fresh and healthy homemade meals with the help of Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm, as I feel that food  IS medicine in itself. In addition, I used, and will continue to use, several of Dr. Harvey’s supplements:

1.Solaris : A whole food supplement packed full of beneficial, organic mushrooms that helped, and continues to help support Rosie’s immune-system.

2.CoEnzyme Q10: An antioxidant supplement that helped, and continues to support Rosie’s heart function.

3. Relax and Stress Formula: An herbal supplement that helped calm Rosie when she was on strict exercising restriction for the duration of the heartworm treatment.

4. Health and Shine Fish Oil Capsules: A source of fish oil that helped, and continues to help her heart health as well as the inflammation in her heart/lungs.

In addition to the above supplements, I also used VetriScience Entero Flora Pro: Beneficial pre/probiotics that protected Rosie’s GI flora while she was on antibiotics, and also helped her immune system cope with the added stress of heartworm treatment.

We are currently a week post-treatment, and Rosie has tested NEGATIVE! I’m thrilled for her, as she is no longer on exercise restriction and can finally join in our family hiking adventures. Rosie will most definitely be given monthly heartworm prevention to ensure this will be a once in a lifetime experience!


After contacting Dr. Harvey’s to share the physical and mental health benefits that I witnessed after switching my dogs’ diets to Paradigm, Dr. Harvey’s has since given me free products from their lines of food, supplements, treats, and grooming essentials for my honest feedback.

Nellie’s Free Range Eggs and Our Five Dogs have formed a collaboration and I have received free-eggs as part of this collaboration. I had been using Nellie’s eggs for my pups’ meals long before Nellie’s and I were in contact, and am thrilled with this opportunity.

All opinions expressed about Dr. Harvey’s and/or Nellie’s Free Range Eggs in this and any other article I post may not represent the thoughts or opinions of Dr. Harvey’s and/or Nellie’s Free Range Eggs. Dr. Harvey’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

In no way is this post or any other post intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Yes, I am a veterinarian, but I am not your pets’ veterinarian. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this blog.


  1. Hi! Which heartworm preventative are using? I’ve been staying away from the Heartguard for my boy except for when absolutely necessary but would really like to find a better, safe, holistic alternative, and have been spritzing him (and myself) down with Wondercide since mosquitoes don’t like that. (Luckily we don’t live in a highly concentrated area for heartworm.)

    1. Hi Val, I used Heartgard for Rosie during treatment and now that she is negative, I use Sentinel Spectrum. I need the protection against heartworms, as I live in TN where mosquitos are everywhere! I also like Sentinel Spectrum for the added protection against flea eggs, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. You have to go with what works for your dogs’ lifestyle. Sentinel is not considered Holistic, by any means, but I want and need the added protection.

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