Fleas and Ticks: A Natural Approach

A natural, safe, and effective approach for flea and tick control? Believe me, even I was skeptical that such a method existed, and I’m pro-holistic in every other aspect of our five dogs’ lives. Yet I would always succumb to using conventional veterinarian-recommended prescription medications for fleas and ticks, despite knowing these medications were toxic to our pets. I felt stuck using such treatments, however, as no other products came close to working as well as the prescription medications when it came to keeping the pesky bugs at bay. I would cringe during each application, whether topical or oral, knowing that I was exposing my trusting pets to toxic chemicals. And that’s just it, our pets trust us. They trust that we are providing them with the best options available in all aspects of their lives. But when it came to flea and tick prevention, I was failing their trust.

Toxic flea and tick medications are behind us now, though. I have found a comprehensive, safe, natural, and earth-friendly approach from Earth Animal. Earth Animal is formulated by their very own holistic veterinarian, Dr. Bob Goldstein, and the company was founded in 1979! That’s over forty (40) years of expertise using natural ingredients which include vitamins, minerals, herbs, and essential oils. Earth Animal conquers fleas and ticks for pets both internally and externally with a variety of products that work together to strengthen a pet’s immune system. The best part is that they have formulated several methods to help conquer fleas and ticks, and you get to choose the perfect combination for your pets!

Earth Animal Nature’s Protection Flea & Tick product line consists of:

1. Daily Internal Powder

2. Herbal Drops

3. Herbal Bug Spray

4. Herbal Topical Powder

5. Herbal Shampoo

6. Daily Herbal Internal Powder (Yeast Free)

7. Herbal Collar for Dogs

8. Herbal Collar for Cats

9. Herbal Spot-On for Dogs

10. Herbal Spot-On for Cats

A little intimidating? That’s what I originally thought, too, until Earth Animal was kind enough to provide me with their Nature’s Protection line for Our Five Dogs. Allow me to share my personal reviews of the products I have used for the past six (6) weeks.

1. Daily Internal Powder: The purpose of this product is to support dogs’ immune systems by orally providing them with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The powder repels fleas and ticks by changing the odor of the dogs’ blood! The “new and improved” blood odor formula repels insects and keeps them from wanting to bite. This can be very beneficial for dogs with flea allergies, since the insect won’t be attracted to the dogs’ blood in the first place. I was nervous that our oldest, Annie, would notice the taste of the powder mixed into her meals and not eat her food, as her dose required a full tablespoon. Surprisingly, Anne ate her powder-infused meal without hesitation. This alone was a game changer! The Daily Internal Powder is so easy to add to our dogs’ daily meals, and it is an easy habit for me to continue.

2. Herbal Drops: Similar to the the Daily Internal Powder, the Herbal Drops support dogs’ immune systems by providing them with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and it repel fleas and ticks by changing the odor of the dogs’ blood. The drops too have a “new and improved” blood odor formula which repels insects to even bite, which is extremely beneficial for dogs prone to insect bite allergies. You simply mix the herbal drops in with the dogs’ meals, and it takes a minimal amount of drops to do the trick. Easy Peasy! Best of all, the Herbal Drops are organic – one of my favorite words in any ingredient list.

3. Herbal Bug Spray: This spray repels and protects against fleas and ticks, and smells amazing. Bonus alert: you can use it on your human family, as well! My four-year-old daughter is a mosquito’s best friend! Her blood must taste and smell delicious, because if there is a bloody-thirsty insect in the area, it will surely find her. We’ve been using Earth Animal’s bug spray on my daughter when we camp, and while she will still get the occasional bite, it’s usually after she’s been sweating, and once her natural scent overrides the spray. As far as for the dogs, the spray works wonders too, and I apply it to the entire gang when we are headed for the woods.

4. Herbal Topical Powder: This powder can be used directly on your dogs and/or in your home environment. I tried both approaches, of course! Though this product consists mainly of herbs and essential oils, another ingredient found in it is powdered limestone. Powdered limestone consists of small and sharp (to insects) particles that create micro-cuttings in an insect’s cuticle, allowing more of the powder to be absorbed in the lipid layer of the insect’s cuticle. Both the cuttings and absorption lead to dehydration and the eventual death of fleas. Interesting, huh?! I mainly use this product around the border of our house and in the girls’ play areas. I also use a small amounts on the backs and abdomen of our dogs, when we go exploring in the woods, for added protection, taking extra precaution not to apply near their head.

5. Herbal Shampoo: A soothing and natural blend of essential oils and herbs that not only helps protect against fleas, but also helps calm the inflammation from insect bites and allergies. Win-Win! And, it smells fantastic! If only they made a human version…

6. Herbal Collar for Dogs: A natural approach to a flea and tick collar infused with a blend of aromatic herbs and essential oils for a fresh minty fragrance. IT SMELLS AMAZING! I have been using these collars when we go into the woods as an added topical protection. And, one of the best features: it’s waterproof! If worn all the time, the collars last about three (3) months. Nifty tip: When I’m not using the collars, I vacu-seal them to preserve the freshness. And since I vacu-seal the collars in between uses, they can last up to five (5) months! Did I already mention how good they smell?!?

7. Herbal Spot-On for Dogs: This topical option offers a natural approach to repel ticks and fleas using a natural blend of aromatic herbs and soothing essential oils. This product is very easy to apply, is waterproof and it stays effective for a month. Note: Do not allow dogs to get wet for twenty-four (24) hours after application, however.

My favorite combination: Earth Animal’s Herbal Drops for internal support, and their Flea and Tick Collar, as needed, for external support. These two approaches fit our lifestyle perfectly, and what’s great about Earth Animal’s line is that they have several options to pick from to custom-fit your lifestyle.


This is a sponsored post by Earth Animal, but I only agreed to write a blog post AFTER I used their products for six weeks so I could give honest feedback to you, my readers.

All opinions expressed about the aforementioned company, in this and any other article I post, may not represent the thoughts or opinions of the affiliated company.

In no way is this post or any other post intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Yes, I am a veterinarian, but I am not your pets’ veterinarian. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this blog.

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